Aging-Immune System

Aging is a complicated process affecting the wide variety of physiological functions, which involves the development and maintenance of the immune system. Aging of the immune system, or immunosenescence, is multifaceted and damage both innate and adaptive responses. Overall, immunosenescence reduces the host’s ability to mount a strong or effective immune response. As a consequence resistance to pathogens which is impaired and the elderly are 2–10 times more likely to die of infection than the younger ones. Immunosenescence and concurrent health problems include the lungs and heart increase the risk of difficulty and death from viral infections in the elderly. Influenza is the fifth leading cause of death among people aged 50 years and older, and this group is a major target of vaccination campaign.

  • Decline in the function of mature lymphocytes
  • Decrease in the production of growth hormone
  • Gets sick more often
  • Fail in wound repair mechanisms

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